Merino Skincare is a line of authentic skin care from New Zealand. The products are based on natural ingredients which nourish, soothe, repair and protect to the optimal standard. Merino Skincare is the ideal product for daily use that will turn even the driest, most sensitive and affected skin beautiful and healthy again.

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"Merino Skincare products are exteremly good for your skin. I use Collagen Creme, wich hydratates my skin completely. It gives you softer skin, with visable smaller pores."

Since I was born I’ve suffered with constitutional/atopic eczema. After years of using lubricated hydrocortisone cream my skin was completely broken; it was paper thin, fragile and without pigment. I was looking for something that would allow it to recover, rather than deteriorate. My skin and I was so grateful when someone pointed me towards Merino! After several weeks of using the Merino Lanolin Skin Creme my skin became thicker, healthier and more refined.

Merino Delicate Lanolin Oil is a light, non-greasy product that you can use for the whole body. I suffer from quite dry skin and like the effect of using the oil. Besides its use as body oil I also use it as a kind of serum under my night cream. Delicious! It immediately makes my skin feel softer and more moisturised.

-Irene van der Laar

-Sophie de Brauw

-Mira Overhage